What Defines The Best Tile Store?

Vela Tiles

When you are looking to improve your entire home or just a room, you will probably be looking for tiles. This means you need to find the best tile store in Mississauga.

One of the best things about a good tile store is that it should have a wide range of tiles to choose from. No matter if you are looking to change your floor or just add a backsplash in your kitchen, you should find different options in a good tile store.

One of the things that you need to keep in mind is that some tile stores specialize in specific materials. This is exactly what we, at Vela Tiles, do. We are specialized in high quality ceramic and porcelain tiles that have been tested by regulating bodies such as ASTN. We believe these are not only the most popular choices, but they are durable, easy to clean, and maintain. After all, ceramic and porcelain tiles are available in many different sizes, shapes, colours, and patterns.


What Is The Best Tile Store Showroom?

As we already mentioned above, most tiles shops are specialized in a particular type of tiles. In our case, we specialize in high quality European ceramic and porcelain tiles that have been properly rated for scratch resistance, chemical resistance, and slip resistance.

At Vela Tiles, located in Mississauga, Ontario, you can find a wide variety of tiles that you can use for bathroom floors, shower walls, foyers, hallways, backsplashes, and more.


Which Company Is Best For Tiles?

At Vela Tiles, we have many ceramic and porcelain tiles available from high quality manufacturers. We make sure that we only sell the best tiles to you.

Just to give you an idea, some of the most popular tiles in our tile store are:


– The Chicago Southside Hexagon Porcelain Tile:

This tile can be used in many different places including the fireplace, bathroom wall, shower floor, bathroom floor, backsplash, kitchen floor, among many others.


– The Crossroad Brick Smoke Ceramic Tile:

This beautiful tile can also be used for many different purposes including the shower wall, bathroom wall, tub surround, backsplash, and even fireplace. Notice that its rating shows that it shouldn’t be used for flooring.


– The Soapstone Coffee Porcelain Tile:

This tile can be used either on your floor as well as on your walls. In addition, since it is so versatile and durable, you can even use it in your front foyer.


When you are looking to remodel your home, you want to make sure that you not only get the best materials but also the best prices.

The truth is that besides your personal preferences, you also have a budget you need to comply with. In our tile store, you will find ceramic and porcelain tiles available at a wide range of prices. This means that you will certainly find the right ones for you.

Besides, when you are remodeling your home, buying the materials is only part of the equation. You also need to have someone who can install your tiles. At Vela Tiles, we will connect you with our installers to ensure that you get the job done on time and with quality.


Which Tiles Are Best Cheap?

If you already started your search for the best materials to remodel your home, you have probably seen that the prices can vary, a lot.

Although there are many different tiles you can use, the best cheap tiles are ceramic ones. Besides the cheap price, ceramic are available in many different shapes, sizes, colours, and patterns, making them always a great option to keep in mind.


What Is The Price Of Tile Per Square Foot?

The price of tile per square foot is something you just can’t ignore. Even though ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most affordable tiles you can buy, it’s important that you consider the room area that you are remodeling.

Just to give you a general idea, and always keeping in mind that the price may vary depending on the specific tile you pick. A ceramic tile may cost around $5 per square foot while a porcelain tile may cost around $10 per square foot.


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