The atoms that comprise the tiles we put in our homes are traceable to the elements in the stars of our universe. In their core under extreme temperatures and pressures, these stars cooked these ingredients and later exploded their enriched guts out into the universe. These stardusts are compacted into high quality porcelain and ceramic tiles. 
At Vela Tiles, we  invite you to put a piece of the universe into your home. We strive to provide the best customer service in this part of the galaxy. We do that by providing you quality tiles, delivery, and samples to give you an incredible purchase experience. Going above and beyond, we also connect you with a professional installer in this galaxy, to make sure your surface will look beautiful.
Mission: To help Canadians create beautiful surfaces with the help of our extraordinary customer service, and technical knowledge about tile.
Vision: A one stop shop for quality tiles, delivery, and installation support.