What Are Colour Body Tiles In Thin Porcelain Slabs?

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Porcelain! You got through body, body, full body, color body, non color body. What the heck do these terms mean? We’re going to talk about that in this episode. All right, so in this episode, what we’re going to do is first I’m going to describe and define what these terms mean, and then I’m going to show you what these tiles actually look like. So the next time you go to a store, you can clearly identify which one is what.

But let’s focus on colour body for now. Where I find color body tiles, the manufacturers are adding a particular dye colour to the body of the thin porcelain slab tile. What it means is that it colours the body of the tile so that the edges where your gout joints are going to be noticeable are going to be colored to kind of match the particular grout colour that you might likely to use to kind of create a seamless look.


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