Tile Installers In Toronto and GTA

Vela Tiles Will Support You In Your Tile Installation Needs

Let’s face the reality of what most people go through when they purchase tile. They finish ordering… and think:

and now what? Who’s going to install my tiles? 

That’s where Vela Tiles is different. We take care of the tile installation with the help of our in house tile installers. Best of all…

  1. No need to call 10 different people hoping to find the right installer
  2. No need to need to waste time searching the internet to find someone who’s available
  3. No need to run around picking up other installation components for your installation

So whether you are located in Toronto or other parts of the GTA, we believe that our customers are not coming to us to buy tile, they come to us because they want our expertise to buy a beautifully tiled surface.

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