Aria Lite Vent 4″ x 10″

    $29.99 /sq. ft.

    • Retrofit into existing surfaces.
    • Compatible with any surface material: hardwood, vinyl, laminate, carpet, drywall. As long as the material is thinner than ¾”.
    • Air Flow – No air flow control — vent remains open at all times.
    • Child Proof – Designed to catch items that kids can drop down the ducts.
    • Pet Proof – Flat with no crevices or grilles for our furry friends to get caught in.
    • Easy Cleaning – Pop out inner tray for easy duct cleaning.
    • Weight Capacity – Rated for high traffic areas
    • Install methods – on floors, walls and ceilings will vary.
    • Material – ABS Plastic


    Don't forget to add 10% for cutting and waste during installation.

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